Dan Workman  

Dan Workman, a highly regarded verteran in the Houston music scene, (formerly of Culturcide) is best known for his work with recording artists such as ZZ Top, Lyle Lovett, Enrique Iglesias, Destiny's Child and Clay Walker. He is President of Sugarhill Recording Studios in Houston (below), the co-founder of TLM Productions and sits on the NARAS (Grammys) governing board. He is in additon, a virtual virtuoso on the SK-1.

www.danworkman.com (check out the dan-o-matic!)

  Eric Jarvis   Eric Jarvis has played with many, many musicians over the years. Just to name a few, he has worked with Sundance Head, Mando Saenz, Lise Liddell, Charlie Sexton, Bob Schneider, Nina Belanger, Laidlaw and Gabriela. He is equally at home rockin' it in stadiums or laying down killer tracks in a studio. EJ is adept at a huge array of styles and instruments, i.e., mandolin, guitar, banjo, bass, drums, percussion, strings, and the cow bell.

  Steve Christensen   THE most laid-back, helpful, and skilled engineer. Steve Christensen works with tons of Houston's up-and-coming bands (The Dimes, John Evans, Tyrstan Lane) making him one of the city's most sought-after and "coolest" engineers. He is also a connoisseur of sauces.

Under "staff" at www.sugarhillstudios.com
  Why wouldn't you want to record in the oldest continuously operating facility in the Southwest United States? And if it was good enough for The Big Bopper, Freddy Fender, The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, and Willie Nelson (who all walked through the door at one time or another) I felt it was good enough for me.

  Located adjacent to SugarHill Essential Sound is a full-service mastering facility providing mastering, editing, restoration, and CD duplication services. Allen is an avid rock climber and snack vendor on the side.


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