Anne Loo: Perfect Rainy Day
Houston Vanguard
Written on July 6, 2008 – 3:25 pm | by Jacob |

Anne Loo is an up and coming houston singer-songwriter and Perfect Rainy Day is her debut solo album.  At first glance I thought this was going to be another female indie-pop album, of which we’ve seen alot lately.  I was proven quite wrong.  Her first song “Jennifer” does sound indie-pop ish at first but with a delightful country twang. Her second song “Perfect Rainy Day” is reminiscent of the Golden Age of country with beautifully simple lyrics such as “I sold your life to buy an ounce of sunshine on a perfect rainy day”. The genre switching doesn’t switch there. In “Girl Who Rocks Your World” she reminds us what Alternative Country should sound like and in “Someone Like You” she brings us all the way back to the 20’s where singers at clubs were accompanied by a pianist and wore glittering night gowns. If that was it, I would be quite impressed with Anne Loo’s vocal ability but she does something that seals the deal for me, she throws in a random christmas song and I'm all for listening to christmas songs in the middle of July.

You can find more information about Anne Loo and her debut album Perfect Rainy Day on her website


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